Autumn is comming

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It’s September 20th and the weather has been quit good the past period. We just had an nice warm end of the summer and we starting to roll into autumn. The colors in the skies and on the ground are getting more and more vivid while the sun crossing along the skies is getting shorter by the day.

It has been a while that I got out for a nice photography session, but today seems to be promising. Without any planning I decided to go to Cnossen at the shores of lake Leekstermeer. It is a short ride of about 10 minutes and an ideal location for fast, non-planned landscape photography.

When I arrive, I first unfold my tripod an put it in front of the dock where all the boats are. This is one spot which is well known by landscape photographers, but the setting is different each time since boats are not always there, or docked in an other way. Also the weather can change the scene dramatically.

For now, the warm weather caused some nice cloud formation over the lake, and with the sun setting just to the right from the center of the image I think I have the image I was looking for…snap.


Next shot. I walk a few 100 meters in to the area called “Onlanden” which gives me a beautiful view over the water. Some lilies in the water are used to create a lead-in line and I make my composition. Then, I waited until the sun illuminates the clouds above the house and the little shed where a water pump is situated to control the level of water in the area. It really looked stunning with this massive, threatening cloud formation illuminated by the sun from the top and the dark base above the lake. These are the moments you don’t want to miss as a landscape photographer.



Summertime on Texel

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The summer holidays is always one of the best times of the year. No worries about work, no stress about anything but just relax and enjoy life.

For landscape photography it is not such a great time of year. The sun rises really early and sets almost at 22:00 pm and in between those hours it mostly casts hard light over the landscape. You have to be an early bird or a night crawler to catch the most beautiful light. Luckily, when you are on holiday as I was, you have plenty of time, and to get in bed late is not a problem at all.

So for this photo session I drove of to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Island Texel. A few clouds were drifting across the skies, but I could already tell that they would soon vanish in thin air. Last year, I made a similar photo together with my friend Patrick de Graaf. It was such a nice photo that I had to give it a 2nd try but on a different location.


So, when walking along on the beach I decided to climb up some dunes which separates and protects the inlands of Texel from the washing waters of the North Sea. At the moment the sun almost sets, a rim of clouds entered the horizon through which the sun could just cast her last rays of light over the rolling waves, the sandy beaches with it’s beach cabins and the waving grasses on top of the dunes.


A stunning view opened up in front of my eyes and I shot away trying all kind of different compositions.

After the sun had set behind the horizon, I decided to stay for another hour to get some long exposure shots which includes myself as the main subject although I still have to figure out a way to stand still for 50 sec. 😉


I call this type of shots the Sunsetselfies, and for me it shows the greatness, quietness and wideness of the landscape I just captured.


Midsummernight evening

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It is the 21st of June. Here in Holland it is also known as the day that we have the most daytime of the year and therefore is the start of our astronomical summer. There is plenty of time after dinner to look for a suitable photogenic spot. With the wind blowing from the Nord-West, also clouds roll in which are formed over the cold waters of the North sea. They slowly “dissolve” when they drift further inwards over land. A perfect opportunity to capture some nice landscapes with the setting sun.


When I arrive at my scene, the wetlands of “De Onlanden”, lots of clouds are blocking the sun and a dull scenery unfolds in front of my eyes. I decided to wait for another hour until the sun sets in the West at 22:06 PM. Slowly, the clouds give way to the sun which beautifully casts its warm light over the lush green fields of the Onlanden. I head over to a small bridge which crosses one of the creeks in the Onlanden. Here, I witnessed how the sun is setting in the West, how the clouds slowly dissolve completely and how the light of the setting sun seems to put everything on fire. Once again a wonderful evening in The Onlanden.


Visiting the “Kiekkaaste”.

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This week we had a short holiday planned close to the Zuidlaardermeer. I already viewed a couple of times a very photogenic location near Nieuwstatenzijl in rural Groningen. This location is close to the border with Germany in the far North of the Netherlands and, from my hometown Roden, is quit a long drive. It will take me about 1.5h to reach this particular location by car. But now,  I was already half way there. A 40min drive took me to the location starting from the borders of the Zuidlaardermeer. With the app “The Photographers Ephemeris” and a “High and Low tide” prediction app on my cellphone I planned a trip when the sea was at low tide and sun was setting right behind my main subject of interest. I imagined that the mudflats in combination with the setting sun would make a great scenery.

All pictures were taken with my Nikon D700 at ISO200 together with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ f13 together with 3stops soft grad filter.


And I was right. Although the clouds which were present when I left to get to the location disappeared during the drive, it still was a wonderful sight to see the sun set in the west behind the windmills of the Eemshaven, which was still about 20km away.





Proud to announce….

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….That I was chosen to show my work to the greater public on one of the worlds largest digital photography website “DPReview“. Ten of my pictures were chosen and put on the homepage of DPReview in a “Readers’ Showcase” together with a short interview about what got me into photography in the first place.


No need to tell you how proud I am that my work got published in such a great way. For me, it’s the perfect indication that I was able to give my own twist to my pictures in such a way people took notice of it.

You can read the full Interview here:

Thanks in advance.


Calm Autumn Sunset

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Today, it was a cloudy day. But during the day, more and more open parts appeared in the cloud deck. At around 2pm the sun was already shining in abundance and once in a while some nice fluffy clouds passed by. I took the car and drove of to a nice part of Drenthe, called The Slokkert.


It used to be straight stream dug by men to de-water the fields. Now, it is given back to nature and people decided the stream was allowed to flow in a more natural way. So with heavy machinery and a lot of manpower they closed the straight stream and opened up this lovely meandering stream where water runs through in a calming way.


When the sun starts to set behind a rim of clouds at the horizon, colors really came to live. The golden autumn light was falling over the green fields of young grass, making the grass even greener. Every color seemed to get enhanced by the golden light. And as with all good things, also this moment didn’t last very long. Luckily I was able to captured some exciting shots before these brilliant colors went away. Hope you like them too.



Atractive Autumn Light

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As every landscape photographer knows, landscape photography is all about light. It can make or break your photo. That’s also the main reason that most landscapes photos published are shot during the early morning hours or in the hours juist before sunset.


That’s also the reason that autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The light is of such a beauty that sometimes it seems that it covers the landscape in a golden glow. When you have your camera ready to shoot, and such an event occurs, you will definately have a jaw dropping photo.



Rodermarkt 2014

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Via mijn onderstaande oypo webwinkel kunt u de foto’s van de Rodermarktparade, en dan voornamelijk foto’s gemaakt van de wagen van Ot&Sien110, in diverse formaten als fotoafdruk, op canvas of op en andere mooie drager nabestellen. Ik heb weer genoten van alle prachtig versierde wagens, mooi verklede mensen en natuurlijk de vele vrolijke gezichten.


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