Autumn in Esonstad

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From October 17 until October 24 we were staying on a holiday park from Landal Greenparks called Esonstad, near the village Oostmahorn in the east of the Province of Friesland situated at the shores of the Lauwersmeer.


Esonstad itself is a modern replica of what once was a flourishing town in the 15th century. It had a strategic advance because it was located on higher grounds than it surrounding. Therefore, it was from great military and nautically importance and provided jobs, shelter and safety to many people. In 1570, there was a big flooding after a storm broke through the dikes and killed almost 1800 people. For the years that followed, the village suffered from flooding, was taken by the Spanish, liberated again by the Dutch under the command of Willem Lodewijk, re-occupied by the French and finally almost completely destroyed by the Germans in WOII.


Now, the town is rebuild with modern materials in an old fashioned way and gives plenty of photographic opportunities. Since the village is build on an artificial island, you have plenty of spots to take advantage of the nice reflections in the water. When shooting this village in the Blue hour, one can get a nice balance of the natural light in the sky and the artificial lights which illuminate the rooms and the streets.


Just outside of the village, on the other side of the dike, you can find a nice little lighthouse which marks the harbor-ports. When the conditions are right, it’s a beautiful spot to take a picture of. Although many photographers know their way to this spot, it is a good opportunity to take advantage of it when you have a whole week near this spot. Therefore, I tried different approaches under different conditions. At one point, I was out in the middle of the night under clouded conditions just to see what the effect would be and since most of the images you see on the internet are taken at dusk.


It was difficult to control the highlights during the dark sessions. I had to expose up to 3 minutes to get good detail in the darker areas. But then, the lights of the lighthouse were completely blown out. Well, maybe with some dual shot and PS or bracketing it would be possible to get the best of both worlds. but normally I work only with graduated filters and single shot processing in Lightroom.


In the end, I had a fantastic holiday with some nice Photographic Moments.

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