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It’s September 20th and the weather has been quit good the past period. We just had an nice warm end of the summer and we starting to roll into autumn. The colors in the skies and on the ground are getting more and more vivid while the sun crossing along the skies is getting shorter by the day.

It has been a while that I got out for a nice photography session, but today seems to be promising. Without any planning I decided to go to Cnossen at the shores of lake Leekstermeer. It is a short ride of about 10 minutes and an ideal location for fast, non-planned landscape photography.

When I arrive, I first unfold my tripod an put it in front of the dock where all the boats are. This is one spot which is well known by landscape photographers, but the setting is different each time since boats are not always there, or docked in an other way. Also the weather can change the scene dramatically.

For now, the warm weather caused some nice cloud formation over the lake, and with the sun setting just to the right from the center of the image I think I have the image I was looking for…snap.


Next shot. I walk a few 100 meters in to the area called “Onlanden” which gives me a beautiful view over the water. Some lilies in the water are used to create a lead-in line and I make my composition. Then, I waited until the sun illuminates the clouds above the house and the little shed where a water pump is situated to control the level of water in the area. It really looked stunning with this massive, threatening cloud formation illuminated by the sun from the top and the dark base above the lake. These are the moments you don’t want to miss as a landscape photographer.


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