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….That I was chosen to show my work to the greater public on one of the worlds largest digital photography website “DPReview“. Ten of my pictures were chosen and put on the homepage of DPReview in a “Readers’ Showcase” together with a short interview about what got me into photography in the first place.


No need to tell you how proud I am that my work got published in such a great way. For me, it’s the perfect indication that I was able to give my own twist to my pictures in such a way people took notice of it.

You can read the full Interview here:

Thanks in advance.


Calm Autumn Sunset

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Today, it was a cloudy day. But during the day, more and more open parts appeared in the cloud deck. At around 2pm the sun was already shining in abundance and once in a while some nice fluffy clouds passed by. I took the car and drove of to a nice part of Drenthe, called The Slokkert.


It used to be straight stream dug by men to de-water the fields. Now, it is given back to nature and people decided the stream was allowed to flow in a more natural way. So with heavy machinery and a lot of manpower they closed the straight stream and opened up this lovely meandering stream where water runs through in a calming way.


When the sun starts to set behind a rim of clouds at the horizon, colors really came to live. The golden autumn light was falling over the green fields of young grass, making the grass even greener. Every color seemed to get enhanced by the golden light. And as with all good things, also this moment didn’t last very long. Luckily I was able to captured some exciting shots before these brilliant colors went away. Hope you like them too.



Atractive Autumn Light

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As every landscape photographer knows, landscape photography is all about light. It can make or break your photo. That’s also the main reason that most landscapes photos published are shot during the early morning hours or in the hours juist before sunset.


That’s also the reason that autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The light is of such a beauty that sometimes it seems that it covers the landscape in a golden glow. When you have your camera ready to shoot, and such an event occurs, you will definately have a jaw dropping photo.



Rodermarkt 2014

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Via mijn onderstaande oypo webwinkel kunt u de foto’s van de Rodermarktparade, en dan voornamelijk foto’s gemaakt van de wagen van Ot&Sien110, in diverse formaten als fotoafdruk, op canvas of op en andere mooie drager nabestellen. Ik heb weer genoten van alle prachtig versierde wagens, mooi verklede mensen en natuurlijk de vele vrolijke gezichten.



Misty Morning

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This time, a clear night with no wind was forecasted and that means mist and dence fog. I drove to work by car and in some cases you could see only 50m in front of the car. I brought my 300mm telelens to isolate subjects in the mist, which is perfect in foggy circumstances.


I picked a location on a bikinglane, which I knew from my daily forensic travel towards the city of Groningen. The sun was rising just behind te trees and gave this beautifull rays of sun through the dence fog. I got allot of positive comments from all the pasing byciclists and they let me take gorgeous pictures of them riding into the mist.



Next stop was a meadow with horses. Ofcourse, they all ran off into the thick mist as soon as I opened the door of my car. A could barely see them standing in the distance watching my presence. Nevertheless, I was able to take this shillouette of the horses in the mist due to my telelens.


My last stop was again a bridge over a creek in the Onlanden (same spot as in my previous post). Here, I liked the grassy lines of the banks dissapearing in the distance. Sometimes accompanied by a powerline in the background towering above the ground mist, giving some extra depth to the picture.




Foggy morning in the Onlanden

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It is an early morning in the beginning of September. I’m driving towards work and see that there is some ground mist hanging over the fields. I was already hoping for those sircumstances, so I brought my camera with me. I stopped the car near one of the bridges over the creeks of the Onlanden. Unfortunately, the mist was to far away to make any impression on the picture, but I liked the overall feeling of this image.


I stepped into the car again and drove towards the next bridge. Here, I scared some Eurasian Coots when I walked on the bridge. They immediately took off in this typisch style, running over the water. So funny to watch. Unfortunately I needed to get to work but there were still so many things to photograph.



Sunset over the Turquoise Lake

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This artificial lake, which is located near the border of Drenthe and Friesland, is made by sand exploitation from the earth surface. There are some spots in the earth crust, such as this one in Drenthe, were the sand rich layer reaches the surface. And there is were you can find the companies who collect the sand with large sucking machines, wash it and sell it for multiple purposes.


The distinct turquoise colour of the lake is caused by sediments drifting in the water and often reflect the colour of the skies above.


For me, it was a location which was on my wish list for a while. The only thing I had to do was to wait for the right circumstances. The results are almost giving you the idea that these photos were taken on a tropical island.


Blooming Heater on Fochterloerveen

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I went out last Sunday to take pictures of the blooming heather. Now is the time of year to go out and watch the heather blooming everywhere in all kinds of purple shades. I drove off to the Fochterloerveen, which is a beautiful Moore with lots of heather and characteristic turf pits.

Heide1Nikon D700 & Samyang 14mm: ISO 200, 2.5sec @ f22

It was windy (remains of hurricane Bertha) and a thunder storm just past by. With the sun setting in the West, The storm moving to the East and clouds rushing by overhead it was a wonderful and photogenic evening. While taking pictures, I heart some Cranes (Grus Grus in Latin) settling for the night. Nice to hear that those birds are doing well in the Fochterloerveen, since it recently was turned in to a Crane reserve. Now, with autumn approaching, the birds (~22-25) are gathering up on the Fochertloerveen and will finally migrate to the south again.

Heide3Nikon D700 & Samyang 14mm: ISO 200, 2.5sec. @ f22
 Nikon D700 & Samyang 14mm: ISO 400, 1/15sec. @ f13

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