Blooming Heater on Fochterloerveen

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I went out last Sunday to take pictures of the blooming heather. Now is the time of year to go out and watch the heather blooming everywhere in all kinds of purple shades. I drove off to the Fochterloerveen, which is a beautiful Moore with lots of heather and characteristic turf pits.

Heide1Nikon D700 & Samyang 14mm: ISO 200, 2.5sec @ f22

It was windy (remains of hurricane Bertha) and a thunder storm just past by. With the sun setting in the West, The storm moving to the East and clouds rushing by overhead it was a wonderful and photogenic evening. While taking pictures, I heart some Cranes (Grus Grus in Latin) settling for the night. Nice to hear that those birds are doing well in the Fochterloerveen, since it recently was turned in to a Crane reserve. Now, with autumn approaching, the birds (~22-25) are gathering up on the Fochertloerveen and will finally migrate to the south again.

Heide3Nikon D700 & Samyang 14mm: ISO 200, 2.5sec. @ f22
 Nikon D700 & Samyang 14mm: ISO 400, 1/15sec. @ f13

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