Calm Autumn Sunset

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Today, it was a cloudy day. But during the day, more and more open parts appeared in the cloud deck. At around 2pm the sun was already shining in abundance and once in a while some nice fluffy clouds passed by. I took the car and drove of to a nice part of Drenthe, called The Slokkert.


It used to be straight stream dug by men to de-water the fields. Now, it is given back to nature and people decided the stream was allowed to flow in a more natural way. So with heavy machinery and a lot of manpower they closed the straight stream and opened up this lovely meandering stream where water runs through in a calming way.


When the sun starts to set behind a rim of clouds at the horizon, colors really came to live. The golden autumn light was falling over the green fields of young grass, making the grass even greener. Every color seemed to get enhanced by the golden light. And as with all good things, also this moment didn’t last very long. Luckily I was able to captured some exciting shots before these brilliant colors went away. Hope you like them too.


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