Midsummernight at Hoek van Bant

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Yesterday it was the astronomical start of the summer in the Netherlands. This means that the sun reaches it’s highest position in the Northern hemisphere. The sun was setting just a few minutes after the clock of ten. In combination with the predicted low tide at around twelve ‘o clock it gave some perfect opportunities for a landscape photographer to capture some stunning sunsetters.
A colleague of mine, which also is an admirable landscape photographer, had come up with the same idea and arrived just minutes before me on the parking lot. After a short chat about the weather and conditions we split up on top of the dike. I went to the left were a row of wooden poles, placed in the mudflats, use to temper the tidal flow of seawater.
When the sun set further and further, light became more beautiful and reflected in a stunning way on the mudflats of the Waddensea. To keep exposure times as low as possible I used a Lee 0.9ND soft grad filter in combination with a Stealth Gear 4 stops gray filter. The last filter caused a red colorcast on the photo’s, but in this case I liked the effect giving rise to the feeling and atmosphere of the setting sun.
In the end, I cleared my mind, filled my memory card and ended this photo shoot again with a little chat with my colleague, who also just finished his shooting. For his photo’s please check www.rijko.ebens.org

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