Midsummernight evening

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It is the 21st of June. Here in Holland it is also known as the day that we have the most daytime of the year and therefore is the start of our astronomical summer. There is plenty of time after dinner to look for a suitable photogenic spot. With the wind blowing from the Nord-West, also clouds roll in which are formed over the cold waters of the North sea. They slowly “dissolve” when they drift further inwards over land. A perfect opportunity to capture some nice landscapes with the setting sun.


When I arrive at my scene, the wetlands of “De Onlanden”, lots of clouds are blocking the sun and a dull scenery unfolds in front of my eyes. I decided to wait for another hour until the sun sets in the West at 22:06 PM. Slowly, the clouds give way to the sun which beautifully casts its warm light over the lush green fields of the Onlanden. I head over to a small bridge which crosses one of the creeks in the Onlanden. Here, I witnessed how the sun is setting in the West, how the clouds slowly dissolve completely and how the light of the setting sun seems to put everything on fire. Once again a wonderful evening in The Onlanden.

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