Misty Morning

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This time, a clear night with no wind was forecasted and that means mist and dence fog. I drove to work by car and in some cases you could see only 50m in front of the car. I brought my 300mm telelens to isolate subjects in the mist, which is perfect in foggy circumstances.


I picked a location on a bikinglane, which I knew from my daily forensic travel towards the city of Groningen. The sun was rising just behind te trees and gave this beautifull rays of sun through the dence fog. I got allot of positive comments from all the pasing byciclists and they let me take gorgeous pictures of them riding into the mist.



Next stop was a meadow with horses. Ofcourse, they all ran off into the thick mist as soon as I opened the door of my car. A could barely see them standing in the distance watching my presence. Nevertheless, I was able to take this shillouette of the horses in the mist due to my telelens.


My last stop was again a bridge over a creek in the Onlanden (same spot as in my previous post). Here, I liked the grassy lines of the banks dissapearing in the distance. Sometimes accompanied by a powerline in the background towering above the ground mist, giving some extra depth to the picture.



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