Summertime on Texel

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The summer holidays is always one of the best times of the year. No worries about work, no stress about anything but just relax and enjoy life.

For landscape photography it is not such a great time of year. The sun rises really early and sets almost at 22:00 pm and in between those hours it mostly casts hard light over the landscape. You have to be an early bird or a night crawler to catch the most beautiful light. Luckily, when you are on holiday as I was, you have plenty of time, and to get in bed late is not a problem at all.

So for this photo session I drove of to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Island Texel. A few clouds were drifting across the skies, but I could already tell that they would soon vanish in thin air. Last year, I made a similar photo together with my friend Patrick de Graaf. It was such a nice photo that I had to give it a 2nd try but on a different location.


So, when walking along on the beach I decided to climb up some dunes which separates and protects the inlands of Texel from the washing waters of the North Sea. At the moment the sun almost sets, a rim of clouds entered the horizon through which the sun could just cast her last rays of light over the rolling waves, the sandy beaches with it’s beach cabins and the waving grasses on top of the dunes.


A stunning view opened up in front of my eyes and I shot away trying all kind of different compositions.

After the sun had set behind the horizon, I decided to stay for another hour to get some long exposure shots which includes myself as the main subject although I still have to figure out a way to stand still for 50 sec. 😉


I call this type of shots the Sunsetselfies, and for me it shows the greatness, quietness and wideness of the landscape I just captured.

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