The Fantastic Forest

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Just a few days after I posted the “Walk in the Woods” blog I already come out with my newest blog.

The images which I show you below are made during our walk in the woods with my wife and kids. But I just had so many images lying around which didn’t fit in the “Walk in the Woods” post. I didn’t want to waste those images and that’s why I dedicate a new blog especially to the forest itself and to share it’s beauty with you.


The magic forest, which was full of colors due to many trees being in full foliage, got an extra magical touch by the dense mist hanging in between the trees. It was a great opportunity to get some high contrast images and emphasize the structures and feeling in the forest.


Since it is autumn at it’s best I also wanted to emphasize the feeling of Autumn. That’s why I adjusted the colors of the image in such a way they got a more yellow-brown tint to it. They are not a reflection of reality, but they are adjusted in such a way that the colors of the image give rise to the atmosphere of the photo. You really don’t necessarily need to get the colors exactly as they are in nature. Sometimes, playing around with the white-balance can give great results.


For now, I think this would be my latest blogpost about autumn scenery since more bad weather is predicted. Now we go from a calms, warm and dry autumn into a windy, wet and cold period before winter arrives. Let’s hope it gives us a big pack of snow and a lovely white world.


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