General tips for taking better photos

Taking pictures is far more than just grab a camera and shoot a subject. Most pictures that are created are the so called “snapshots”. These are photos that contain information about the subject being photographed, but does not show you an interesting point of view so you are not grabbed by the photo and tend to quickly scroll to another one. To grab peoples attention and really make your picture stand out from the crowd, there are some rules you can stick to.

As a guide, you can use the following checklist” to be sure you make a more balanced photo. It definitely requires a lot of attention and exercise, but if you start to apply it you will get significantly better pictures.

  • Determine what the main subject of your picture is (Main Points Of Interest)     
  • Determine where the light is coming from and what the source is (existing light?, Artificial light?, Flashlight?)
  • Define your position (Low? High? Normal?)
  • Make sure the main subject stands out well against the background. This will give rise and attention to your subject.
  • Position the main subject in the picture so that it meets “the rule of thirds”.  For serenity in your picture you center your  main subject. Be prepared to take the steps described above a second time to obtain good composition.
  • Look for supporting lines in the picture that give rise to the main subject. Our eyes love repetition in color or shape. Just make sure that they stand out against the background.
  • Make any necessary adjustments so that the main subject stands out.
  • Search for consciously distracting issues within your framework and try to leave them out from the composition.
  • Provide good lighting. So always keep an eye on the histogram and know how it should been read. By using filters you can balance the exposure.
  • Also make sure you focus on the right part of the image. Here too, everyone of us  has its own taste.
  • Ensure proper white balance. I always shoot in RAW, you can then correct the white balance afterwards.
  • Take the photo and see whether this is indeed the intended picture as you had imagined.
  • Post your photo on a forum so that others can give their comments. Sometimes, there are some very helpful tips about things where you hadn’t thought about yourself.

And of course a lot of practice, practice and more practice.

I wish you the best of luck with your photography.