Ultra wide in the Onlanden

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Yesterday, I received my new photographic toy: the Samyang 14mm ultra wide angle lens. A lens that already have earned a lot of props by many landscape photographer, and because of it’s price and good overall performance a very attractive lens to buy. Therefore, it was on my wish list for a while.

So this weekend I bought it together with a Samyang filter holder and filters (soft grad and 4 stops gray filter). With my new lens mounted on my trusty Nikon D700 I went to the Onlanden. Because this location is practically in my backyard and conditions didn’t looked promising, I stayed close to home to do some testing with this manual focus lens, not expecting any wonders.


When driving to the location, I already noticed a promising clear spot in the cloud deck near were the sun was about to set. I was right in time to capture a stunning sunset on this beautiful serene location. Hope you like it. At least I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of handling of this lens and the image quality it delivers. It matches my Nikkor 24-70mm only much more Field Of View.


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