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We are dealing with a split-up in weather here in the Netherlands for almost a week now. Whereas the south and the middle part of the country have sunny conditions and high temperatures (15-20ºC) for this time of the year, the Northern part has to deal with foggy conditions and chilly temperatures of about 7-8ºC.

Last Sunday I went out to take a walk in the misty woods together with my wife and kids to enjoy the late Autumn colors. We decided to go to the Forest of Bakkeveen, called the Slotplaats, and of course I had to bring the camera with me. This time I decided to travel light and put the Sigma 105mm f2.8  in front of the D700.

The forest in Bakkeveen is characterized by the diversity of trees which were planted in straight lines in the old days to provide wood for all kind of purposes. Nowadays it is kept in shape and owned by Staatsbosbeheer and offers a nice scenery for those who want to relax in the woods.



While walking through the silenced woods due to the dense fog, you got surprised after every turn and corner. Long lanes with static trees suddenly changed into winding roads and open fields with water holes. The colors of Autumn seemed to explode against the grey background of the wall of mist. It was breathtaking.


I knew about a certain tree that is located somewhere in the forest which they call the “King of the Woods”. It’s a large Beech tree which is over a hundred years old. It is situated next to much younger and perfectly straight and ordered pine trees. Together with the foggy conditions, this gave a surrealistic photo with a nice contrast and great atmosphere.


And, since it is Autumn at it’s best, the variety of mushrooms in the forest was great. Although the cold conditions did no good to many mushrooms some of them were still standing strong and since I put the 105mm macro lens in front of my camera they just screamed to be photographed.


Finally, after almost a 5km walk, which is pretty long for the little legs of my two daughters, we ended our stroll and had lots of fun in a wonderful forest under majestic conditions. And of course, we had to trow the leaves over our heads as well.


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